Are you on a DIET???

“Hey, you want a cookie?  I made them last night!”

“No, thanks though.”

“What, you’re on a diet?”

Has anyone else ever been in this awkward exchange, where someone questions you about your eating habits changing in such an accusatory tone it almost makes you want to reply, “Who?  ME???  I’m not on a diet!” when in fact you are?

I’m sitting around a board table with a meeting about to start and this very thing happens.  Our boss brings in doughnuts, he plops them right in front of me and says, “You get the first one!”  Why can’t I politely decline a sugar-filled dough ball without a barrage of questions and side glances!!??

The truth is, everyone wants to look amazing and fit and then pretend it just *happened* overnight.  People closet diet, workout in secret, meal prep and plan and say they “threw something together this morning”, so in a few months they can walk in looking lept (slang for skinny :p)  and then claim that they weren’t even trying.  *insert sigh of exasperation here*.

And why?  Because losing weight is HARD!  It’s a struggle!  And no one wants to admit their own personal challenge with weight because it makes you vulnerable.  In our society we shame those larger than us and mock our plus sized queens and demonize putting on baby weight or those winter pounds.  When secretly its something most of us have to deal with on a daily basis.

Well, guess what?  NO! YES.  I’M NOT ON A DIET!!! *sigh of relief*  And please don’t get this confused with, “I’m changing my habits to eat healthier.”  That’s not what I mean.  I mean I am purposefully changing my eating habits from my normal routine in a healthy restrictive way with the intent purpose of losing a significant amount of weight.  And after my two week stretch, I will transition to maintaining some of my “diet” eating choices and also allowing myself to eat less healthy items in moderation as I try *again* to choose a healthier eating lifestyle.

Please share your journey here if you would like with non-judegemental people who share in your…well…our…struggle to be a better us!! :)