Are you on a DIET???

“Hey, you want a cookie?  I made them last night!”

“No, thanks though.”

“What, you’re on a diet?”

Has anyone else ever been in this awkward exchange, where someone questions you about your eating habits changing in such an accusatory tone it almost makes you want to reply, “Who?  ME???  I’m not on a diet!” when in fact you are?

I’m sitting around a board table with a meeting about to start and this very thing happens.  Our boss brings in doughnuts, he plops them right in front of me and says, “You get the first one!”  Why can’t I politely decline a sugar-filled dough ball without a barrage of questions and side glances!!??

The truth is, everyone wants to look amazing and fit and then pretend it just *happened* overnight.  People closet diet, workout in secret, meal prep and plan and say they “threw something together this morning”, so in a few months they can walk in looking lept (slang for skinny :p)  and then claim that they weren’t even trying.  *insert sigh of exasperation here*.

And why?  Because losing weight is HARD!  It’s a struggle!  And no one wants to admit their own personal challenge with weight because it makes you vulnerable.  In our society we shame those larger than us and mock our plus sized queens and demonize putting on baby weight or those winter pounds.  When secretly its something most of us have to deal with on a daily basis.

Well, guess what?  NO! YES.  I’M NOT ON A DIET!!! *sigh of relief*  And please don’t get this confused with, “I’m changing my habits to eat healthier.”  That’s not what I mean.  I mean I am purposefully changing my eating habits from my normal routine in a healthy restrictive way with the intent purpose of losing a significant amount of weight.  And after my two week stretch, I will transition to maintaining some of my “diet” eating choices and also allowing myself to eat less healthy items in moderation as I try *again* to choose a healthier eating lifestyle.

Please share your journey here if you would like with non-judegemental people who share in your…well…our…struggle to be a better us!! :)


Emotional Eating

I have a problem with emotional eating.

There I said it.  I admitted it.  I’ve been in a funk for the past few days and at first I wasn’t understanding why.  In the last 11 years I’ve never forgotten February 14th.  Not for Valentines day, but that is the day I lost my grandmother in 2001.  My grandma and I were really close and I get emotional every year when I think about what i wish she was able to see me accomplish and share with me.

Yesterday, I got a call that my daughter was finally accepted into an early head start program that I have been trying to get her into  and I had so  much to do that I completely forgot about yesterday.  So I’ve been  on a 3 day binge eating horribly.  I feel guilty and i know I need to get it back together

I can make a ton of excuses about this and not do anything about it….but I’m not going to.  Excuses are excuses and they do not excuse the fact that I have not stuck to the commitment i was making to myself.  Something will always happen in life to make me upset or disappointed or sad….that is not an excuse to overeat and eat like a pig.  So I will be getting back together….thanks to everyone that has shown encouragement  I appreciate it.


Small Victories!

So today I had some left over spaghetti and I really wanted some more.  I was fighting with myself on whether i should eat some more or not.  I decided to drink a tall glass of water and wait it out!! Magically (to me lol), I did not feel hungry or the need for anything else to eat for a few hours!!

Portion control is a real thing i struggle with….which is why MyFitnessPal is essential for being accountable.  The scary thing is I kind of feel myself being obsessed with the idea of tracking calories.  In the past,  I always made fun of my friends for doing it, but I totally get it right now.

In other news, at the store I got the most beautiful purple kale which made my green smoothie even more amazing!  I think i need to invest in some protein powder so I can use it as a meal replacement for breakfast!   Also, I found videos for 30 Day Shred and insanity on YouTube!  so I hope to start those as soon as possible!

Best of luck to everyone in their fitness goals!


Day ________


I’m also one of the posters for futurefitdivas!  Just introducing myself and sharing my goals 🙂 

About My Journey

So, my whole life I was bigger.  I remember my mom buying us panty girdles (aka spanks) and support top panty hose and saying things like “Hold your stomach in!” and “Don’t look messy!”  When I was in high school between junior and senior year I got sick and I lost about 30 pounds.  I couldn’t really eat anything and what I did eat had to be small portions.  It consisted mainly of fruits, vegetables and baked chicken because it’s all I could really tolerate.  I was never given an official diagnosis but that is what started me on a journey to eating better.  I saw a huge weight loss just by changing my diet!  Of course after that, life happened!  I’ve moved to different cities a couple of times, I’ve changed occupations, my schedule has changed.  It’s so hard to keep a consistent regimen.  I’ve tried Weight Watchers (which I would suggest to anyone who can afford it, loved it!).  But at this point in my life I don’t want a set plan or regimen because I’ve realized I have to make healthy decisions everyday even when my plan won’t work and even when I can’t work out regularly and even when I don’t feel like it.  I’m a stress eater, an emotional eater, pretty much I eat when I feel anything. I’ve gained about 15-20 pounds since starting medical school, and I’ve realized there will never be a time when I can stop everything and devote all my energy to losing weight or being healthy.  It has to be an accumulation of everyday decisions to eat healthy and make better decisions!

So… my goals you ask? …. Well…

  1. Make healthier decisions regarding food.  This entails choosing foods with higher fiber, lower fat/calorie content, less junk food (which I currently live off of), more water, etc.
  2. Since I can’t work out regularly, I want to work out when I can, take the stairs instead of elevators, park farther in parking lots so I have to walk further to the store.  Anything I can do to increase my physical activity I will try to do!
  3. Get back in touch with God and feeling that connection I once had.  If my relationship with God is in line, everything else will follow!
  4. Work on healthier relationships with friends, family, etc!

So, I’m not calling this day one…it’s just another day on a continuing journey to eat better and be healthy in all aspects of life!!!

– Rhea