Excuses, excuses!

So I’ve noticed I often have this conversation with myself: “I’m post call, I can eat whatever I want.  I’ve been awake for 35 straight hours!”  or “It’s exam week, I can eat whatever I want”  or “I’m on my period, I can eat whatever I want!”.  And you know what ends up happening?!?!?  I end up making terrible decisions regarding what I put in my body and half the time every time I end up feeling sick!  I never noticed how bad it was until today.  I was on call and at the hospital for about 27 hours, and the whole time I ate crappy!  Then I left, and kept eating crappy!  Now that I’m logging everything on myfitnesspal, I can see just how crappy it was.  Lemme tell you, it’s so bad!!!!  


I’m committing today to eat healthier and make better decisions no matter what!!!  Just because I’m post-call or on my period or have a test coming up doesn’t mean I get to abuse my body!  Seeing as I have a test coming up next week, we’ll see just how committed I am to this!  I’ll post after my test and let you know how this new commitment went!! 😀

❤ Rhea


2 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses!

  1. I totally get where you are coming from! I do it all the time too. I’ve learned a few things since our quest has being. 1st, I have to keep everything that i will over indulge in out of the house….PERIOD. If i have something in a single serving usually i’m okay, but having it all is just setting myself up for failure. 2nd, being aware is what helps us change. This is a lifestyle change! It doesn’t happen overnight! (heck, i sure didn’t put on this weight overnight…even though i like to trick myself in thinking i did!) We are bound to make mistakes, but that’s okay. Our mistakes will help us learn things that we are doing well and things that we need to work on. Everything about life is a process.
    With that being said, I totally commend you for being aware and willing to take action! You rock!


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