Small Victories!

So today I had some left over spaghetti and I really wanted some more.  I was fighting with myself on whether i should eat some more or not.  I decided to drink a tall glass of water and wait it out!! Magically (to me lol), I did not feel hungry or the need for anything else to eat for a few hours!!

Portion control is a real thing i struggle with….which is why MyFitnessPal is essential for being accountable.  The scary thing is I kind of feel myself being obsessed with the idea of tracking calories.  In the past,  I always made fun of my friends for doing it, but I totally get it right now.

In other news, at the store I got the most beautiful purple kale which made my green smoothie even more amazing!  I think i need to invest in some protein powder so I can use it as a meal replacement for breakfast!   Also, I found videos for 30 Day Shred and insanity on YouTube!  so I hope to start those as soon as possible!

Best of luck to everyone in their fitness goals!



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