My first day of this journey!

Hello, hello, hello!

I’m one of the posters on this site.  I  just want to share my story for wanting to start this health and fitness journey and what I hope to accomplish.

My Story

I was always athletic from a young age; I was always involved in some type of sport or physical activity.  When I was younger, my mother signed me up for tennis, swimming (even though I still don’t know to swim to this day lol), basketball or some type of camp.  During middle school I was involved in track and basketball and in high school basketball became my full-time job, aside from school.  I played basketball during the regular season, during the summer for AAU, our teams summer league, and basketball camps, and in the fall we all shot around.  I did this for 4 years.  I should have parlayed my love of basketball to college, but at the time I was ready to end it and enjoy life outside of the sports world.  I don’t have many regrets in life, but that is one decision I definitely regret making.

In college, I met the most wonderful friends (some of who will be posting here!) and I think in the beginning we motivated each other to work out.  I think I stopped working out during my junior year and that’s when i start seeing weight gain.  It wasn’t enough to make me want to do anything about it, but I noticed it was there.  My senior year, I realized how much weight I gained when all the cute shirts I had bought to go out in didn’t fit anymore.   Shortly after graduating, I returned home and started working.  I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid tumors in October 2007 after losing a lot of blood, being in ICU, and undergoing a blood transfusion and had surgery the Friday after Thanksgiving to remove them.  To stop the bleeding, I was give all types of hormones, which also caused me to gain weigh in a very rapid fashion.  I never really lost that weight and I actually kept gaining weight.

When I was pregnant in 2010, I felt my body was weird because I was losing weight rather than gaining.  During my pregnancy I lost around 23 lbs.  I feel that was due to the way I was eating.  I didn’t eat sweets, I ate a TON of fresh fruit and vegetables  and I limited my red-meat intake.  I felt like I ate a lot, but I’m sure my portions were smaller and the things I was eating were better for me.  I gained all of my 23 lbs (and then some) a little after my daughter was born, around December 2010 or so.

Currently, I am a new city with no really connections yet, which I think have influenced my eating habits and eating more so for comfort rather than to satisfy a hunger.

My Goals

This journey for me isn’t just about losing weight.  It’s also about finding a balance in all areas of my life in four main ways:

  1. I hope to lose a total of 100 lbs in my weight lost journey
  2. I hope to reaffirm, reclaim, and rediscover my spirituality
  3. I need to balance school, work, and family time
  4. I need to find some time for ME somewhere

Sorry, I didn’t mean to write a book but I really wanted to share why this journey is so important to me and why I am taking it so serious.

Why did you get started on your fitness journey?  Please feel free to share and any helpful suggestions and tips are greatly welcome!




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